OxyJet by Nora Bode Face Treatments                     

The NORA BODE OXYJET is the high-tech oxygen system for Beauty & Wellbeing in its ultimate form- make it yours, from today! For smooth, youthfully fresh skin. Gentle, effective and safe.

A large variety of OXYJET treatments starting with the quick „PICK-ME-UP“ treatment for the fatigued eye area, up to the complete face, neck and decollete treatment- everything is possible! Treatment with the OXYJET contains several elements which can be chosen individually depending on the skin's actual needs.

Active ingredient concentrates, specially designed to meet your individual skin requirements are applied to the relevant problem zones, and deeply „shot“ into the skin by means of pulsed oxygen pressure- via pressure injection, without needle, gentle, effective and safe! All problem areas can be treated without any bad side effects or pain. In combination with the appropriate NORA BODE preparations fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, pigmentation irregularities are evened out inflammations and impurities are reduced. The active ingredients build up a deposit in the deep layers of the skin, the pure oxygen provides the skin with new energy and freshness.

Absolute Effects Volume Booster 

Oxygen, Regeneration, Contour Lifting.

Effectively combats wrinkles caused by repetitive movement around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. The volume booster tightens the facial contours and smoothens facial lines with immediate, visible effect. Commiphora Mukul Extract acts against the degeneration of the subcutaneous fat tissue by filling up the skin from the inside out.

Absolute Effects Energy Reload

Oxygen Power Plus Intensive Moisture.

Invigorates and refreshes the skin of all ages, with the Liposomal Encapsulated Oxygen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamins leaving a fresh, tight and youthful skin appearance full of energy, elasticity, and tonicity. Optimal for women and men of every age. Voted the best Men’s Facial treatment. 

Absolute Effects Brightening Corrector

Lightening of the Skin – Increased Elasticity, Reduction of Irritation.

Phragmites Kharka Extracts act against inflammation and ensures protection against environmental stress factors, causing the skin to be more even in appearance. With the use of Vitamins and other Highly Effective Ingredients, the skin’s moisture is regulated and elasticity is greatly improved. 

Absolute Effects Sensitive Balance

Oxygen Calming Plus Intense Moisture.

Reduces inflammation and redness by increasing the resistance of blood capillaries to guarantee regular skin appearance.  Acetyl Tetrapeptide-40 ensures the red areas become smaller and that redness fades significantly, whilst the skin is moisturized and dehydration lines are smoothed out

Absolute Effects Purifying Control 

Oxygen Cleansing Plus Reduction of Acne leaving Pores Refined.

Regulates the Sebum flow (oiliness) and relieves the irritation, inflammation, and redness of the impure skin. Acne is reduced and pores refined by the use of Salicylic Acid which acts against the hornification of the impure skin. Hormonal imbalance of the impure skin is regulated and the oil production of the sebaceous glands reduced.