A perfect vacation is unimaginable without perfect treatment. The Paragraph Resort and Spa offers guests and visitors an array of sumptuous opportunities and pleasure-filled activities for a truly perfect vacation, business event or, simply, a break from it all. 

Our team of professionals is always ready to brighten your day with the most delightful body treatments. Our broad range of procedures includes Balinese therapies, Ayurveda Aromatherapy and ancient magnetic sand treatments. Among other options are full-range face and body skincare treatments utilizing top brand products such as Hydro Peptide and Subtle Energies as well as various different skincare procedures using the LPG® machine which can treat even the most serious of skin conditions such as scars, wrinkles and burns. This machine produces visible results from the first session and is absolutely harmless. Face and body massage procedures are based on a unique blend of Thai and Balinese treatments.  

The spa’s 1,200 m2 premises offers heated thermal beds, Hammam, Finnish saunas and a steam room. It features an indoor swimming pool and heated Jacuzzis offering the perfect combination of exercise, as your swim your laps, and relaxation, as you ease your tired muscles following your water work-out.

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The Power of Nature

Experience the spectacular natural backdrop of Shekvetili while relaxing in our Spa.

The Power of Peptides

Feel The Power of Peptides — amino acids linked in a chain, scientific beauty made easy.

The Power of Welness

Experience the spectacular natural backdrop of Shekvetili while relaxing in our Spa.

Our LPG Offer

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